This listing is for a minimalist, dainty and elegant, Circle Of Life Pendant with south seashell pearls hand wrapped together

A circle pendant symbolizes eternity, which means there is no end.

A circle pendant can be worn to symbolize eternal love. For some, a circle could mean that life has come a full circle, for others it could mean a love that has no end.

The gorgeous design will add a spark to your outfit.

Choose your pearl color & your pearls spacer



-Circle Of Life measures 15mm in sterling silver.

-Pearls measures 8mm each hand wrapped together in sterling silver.

-Flowers spacer rhinestone silver plated (as pictured) / Flowers spacer in Sterling Silver.


-Made to Order.

-Made in The USA.


Every piece of jewelry is handmade, it's one of a kind and made just for you!
Made and assembled in a private studio in CA USA.
The outcome of each piece of jewelry will differ because they are handmade.
Please note every pendant will come with a 925 Sterling Silver Chain,

The chain may vary and might not be as pictured.




Circle Of Life Pendant 925 Sterling Silver